College Tips: How to Interact with Professors

Professors are people too. I know, it’s hard to remember that sometimes, what with them holding your life in the balance, but it’s is true. That means they’ve got their expectations, their pet peeves, their wants and their fears.

Also, remember that you might think you’re busy, but that’s generally nothing compared to what a professor has to deal with. Not only do they have to teach classes and read all of the classes’, but they’ve got to conduct research, write up papers for peer-reviewed journals (whose demands put your assignments to shame) and survive in the publish-or-perish atmosphere of academia. read more

Tips to Get Scholarship of Oxford University

You have all heard about the world’s most prestigious universities. Every student has dream to study in these prestigious universities. Although these universities are dream institutions but actually they are very hard to get admitted in. Moreover once if a student successfully got admission then the funding for education is very hard in these universities. It is not possible for a poor student to afford all expenses easily. The only one way for these students is to get education with scholarship but this also takes a little more work.  Here are some tips that will help you to get scholarship of Oxford University. read more

Marche Polytechnic University

Marche Polytechnic University is a public university in Ancona, Italy. It tenders three year degrees in Agriculture, Engineering, Economics, Medicine and Sciences as well as longer specialist programs in Medicine and Biology. Different courses began at the beginning of November in 1959 as a branch of University of Urbino. The university itself began in 1969 with approval of charter of Independent University of Ancona and by-laws establishing 2 year course of study for Faculty of Engineering and 3 year course of study for Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. The Higher Council on Public Education recognized Faculty of Engineering for 1969-70 academic year and Faculty of Medicine as well as Surgery. read more

Career in Beauty Therapy

ISO known as Aesthetician a Beauty Therapist is qualified to carry out a wide range of treatments for face and body. A beauty therapist is in fact a beautician, body therapist and electrolysist all in one. The therapist is concerned with her clients needs in a caring profession. Various treatments are planned to improve skin care under this profession. The work of beauty therapist includes a wide range of electrotherapy treatments for face and body. These all treatments help to improve facial and body conditions. All forms of aesthetic treatments promote feeling of well-being consequently. The aesthetician must be caring, tactful, intelligent and have well-groomed appearance, especially their hands that need to be sensitive and flexible. Aestheticians are fully trained to know when to refer their clients to doctor. read more

Tips to Improve Poor Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital in business world but it is equally significant within personal relationship as well. Misunderstanding due to ineffective communications can lead to poor performance in professional world. In professional and even in academic life poor communication can lead to much conflict and distress. Auspiciously, effective communication skills can be learned and developed. Improving poor communication skills can make a huge difference in way that you share. You should learn effective communication skills that you can apply to any relationship. read more

Factors Affecting Part Time University Students

Study and work at same time is a difficult task and require perfect time management skills to maintain a balance in both. Students who are attending university part time face various challenges and benefits that are different than full time students. Various students due to financial reasons enroll as part time students rather than full time. Various students working part time while they are attending school full time. This situation can create severe time shortage and students need highly developed time management skills in order to handle school and work. There are various issues faced by students while studying as part time university students: read more

Tips to Become a Good Teacher

Teaching is a challenging profession. It can be an excellent career choice for those who have right personality. Teaching profession requires a desire to work with youth, a patient personality and a passion for an academic subject. The positive aspects of teaching range from practical to adventurous. Teaching will offer financial benefits as well as opportunities for personal growth and development. You can be one of the most remarkable teachers of all time without earning a special college degree. Anne Sullivan was a teacher who didn’t use speech to instruct her students, nor sight. Helen killer taught her students through touch. No kind of formal education can prepare teachers like Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller. Sullivan handled on the job challenges with her compassion, creativity and persistence. read more

Academics of University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is a large, four year residential research university accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The four year full time undergraduate program of University of Michigan comprises majority of enrollments and emphasize instruction in arts, sciences and professions. There is a high level of coexistence between graduate and undergraduate programs. The university has “very high” research activity and “comprehensive” graduate programs offers doctoral degrees in humanities, social sciences and STEM fields as well as professional degrees in medicine, law and dentistry. U-M has been included on Richard Moll’s list of Public lvies. There are over 200 undergraduate majors, 100 doctoral and 90 master’s programs. U-M conferred 6,473 undergraduate degrees, 4,332 graduate degrees and 734 first professional degrees in 2008-2009. read more

Top Universities of Turkey

Turkish Education System was built in harmony with Ataturk Reforms after Turkish War of Independence. It is a state supervised system designed to generate a skillful professional class for social and economical institute of nation. Turkish system commands 12 years of primary education between ages of 7 and 18. The enrollment of children in this age range was nearly 100%. In public distance learning and vocational high schools 14 to 18 year olds has an obligation of three or more years of high school education. Almost 95% of students attend public schools but scantiness of public system increasingly motivates middle class parents to seek private education. Universities provide two or four years education for undergraduate studies whereas for graduate studies, a further two years are also necessary because it is typical throughout the world. There are almost 820 higher education institutions including universities with a total student enrollment of over 1 million. Major universities are in Istanbul and Ankara. read more

Top Universities and Colleges in Slovakia

Education in Slovakia consists of a free education system. It is based on 10 years of compulsory school attendance. Several schools particularly universities are owned by state, though since 1990s there are also church-owned and private schools. Students go to school for five days and a week from Monday until Friday. Saturday’s holiday were announced before 1980s. Summer break is from 1st of July until the end of August and at universities also in June, a week around Christmas and Easter in spring and on official holidays. A school year consists of two semesters. The first semester ends at the end of January in all schools, the second one end before beginning of summer holidays. Primary and secondary school students typically have around 6 classes in a day. Classes last for 45 minutes and there is also a so called “big break”. The state financed education and all textbooks as well as instruction materials below university level are free. It should be returned at the end of semester. read more