Tips to Get Scholarship of Oxford University

You have all heard about the world’s most prestigious universities. Every student has dream to study in these prestigious universities. Although these universities are dream institutions but actually they are very hard to get admitted in. Moreover once if a student successfully got admission then the funding for education is very hard in these universities. It is not possible for a poor student to afford all expenses easily. The only one way for these students is to get education with scholarship but this also takes a little more work.  Here are some tips that will help you to get scholarship of Oxford University.

  1. You should be sure to have amazing grades from school former to applying to Oxford.  Furthermore, having some community service experience and being actively involved in some type of sport or frivolous activity will help you. This is because universities are today looking for all rounders.
  2. There are two type of scholarships Rhodes and not to Rhodes. The Rhodes Scholarship is possibly one of the world’s most esteemed scholarships available at oxford. To qualify for this scholarship one must embody leadership, forward thinking and gave best grades. Moreover one must be started as a victorious athlete as well as symbolize high moral caliber and ethical decision making practices. Only 80 students globally are awarded the Rhodes Scholarship.
  3. You should apply straightly for Oxford University via their official website or have them to send you a prospectus which particulars your course of study and probable financial scholarships. On the other hand, you can also visit the website located in the resources section to contact the Admission office at Oxford.

Marche Polytechnic University

Marche Polytechnic University is a public university in Ancona, Italy. It tenders three year degrees in Agriculture, Engineering, Economics, Medicine and Sciences as well as longer specialist programs in Medicine and Biology. Different courses began at the beginning of November in 1959 as a branch of University of Urbino. The university itself began in 1969 with approval of charter of Independent University of Ancona and by-laws establishing 2 year course of study for Faculty of Engineering and 3 year course of study for Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. The Higher Council on Public Education recognized Faculty of Engineering for 1969-70 academic year and Faculty of Medicine as well as Surgery.

The Higher Council on Public Education recognized Faculty of Engineering for 1969-70 academic year and Faculty of Medicine and Surgery for following year and University of Ancona was recognized as state university on January 18, 1971. Faculties of agriculture and sciences were added over next two decades and in January 2003 University was renamed to Università Politecnica delle Marche.


Università Politecnica delle Marche






Prof. Marco Pacetti

Admin. staff





Ancona, Italy

Sports teams

CUS Ancona


There are five faculties in which university is divided into:

  1. Faculty of Agriculture
  2. Faculty of Economics
  3. Faculty of Engineering
  4. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
  5. Faculty of Sciences

The teaching faculty currently numbers 450 professors, teaching assistants and researchers along with 262 temporary staff and 550 technical and administrative personnel. Teaching and research activities were once housed at separate locations, which were often unsuitable and inadequate. They are presently grouped together and divided among three main complexes. The science-technology complex is located in Monte D’Ago and its buildings boast monumental and prestigious work designed by Belluschi, an Italian-American architect.  Second research and instruction complex is located in Torrette for biological, scientific and clinical needs of Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. The third complex reserved for study of economics and humanities is located in center of city in historic and renovation ex barracks Caserma Villarey and houses Faculty of Economics.