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Computer Engineering Education

Computer engineers get education about core principles, theories and application of computer engineering and science. They are generally trained in an engineering college of school affiliated to a university. A computer engineer can specialize in software, hardware, network or systems engineering. Apart from specific educational qualifications and coursework, a computer engineer needs to gain certain additional attributes and skills to succeed in today’s challenging and diverse job settings. To become a computer engineer, several individuals enroll in bachelor’s degree program. This degree level qualifies an individual for most computer engineering positions. An understanding of computer programming along with studies in math and science prepared a student to embark on computer engineering career. read more

Top Medical Universities in Italy

Education system of Italy is free and mandatory. Italian higher education is structured in binary system, consisting of two main articulations:

  1. University Sector
  2. Non University Sector

At present, university sector is made up of 89 universities which are classified as:

  1. 58 State universities
  2. 17 non-State universities “Legally recognized by State”
  3. 2 universities for foreigners
  4. 6 higher schools specialized in postgraduate university studies
  5. 6 telematic universities

Non-University Sector includes 4 education typologies with their institutions. read more