University Personal Statement Tips

University personal statement can be tricky to write because they require your self-analysis that can be painful. Talking broadly about your achievements might seem like arrogant but properly executed objective statement provides all information about your level of interest, motivation and training to admission committee which they need to determine you for admission. A well written personal statement convinces admission committee that you are right person for a program, department or school. Here are some useful guidelines to write compelling objective statement.


A common mistake students make in personal statement believes that admission committees will be convinced that they deserve a place in a program just because it had been their childhood dream. They also think that they can get admission easily because their parents are working in this field or profession. However childhood dream or parental influence can be a compelling description about your motivation to pursue a career path but admission committees like to see initial interest translated into active commitment for career related activity. The key to using a childhood motivation is to make it too brief and ensure its flow with rest of essay.


Students also commit mistake of going into lengthy elaborations of research projects in highly technical language Essays dominated by highly technical language can estrange readers that are outside of their field of your specialization and make writer seem like he/she has difficulty in appropriate communication. Admission committee has to read dozens of essays and they might put aside an essay that is difficult to read or understand in favor of one that is not.


Students often rush through personal statement and submit their first or second draft but it is not fair. If you want to produce an excellent personal statement then an average of five or more drafts is advisable. It is a good idea to get feedback on your personal mission statements from people outside your instant family and friends. You can also seek advice from instructor in writing centre of your school. They have experience helping with personal statement. If you have no access to writing centre then any student or profession in program or school you are applying to can normally be quite helpful.


Usually admission committee is interested in understanding student underneath surface. So simply stating that you are interested in career or you have certain qualities is not sufficient. While writing you should use precise examples to point out qualities you possess and also to show your commitment toward specific career path.