SLP Master’s Program

Speech and language pathology is concerned with issues surrounding human speech and language communication disorders. There are manifold methods of human communication involving all human senses both nonverbal communication like facial expression, posture as well as gesture and verbal communication. Speech and language pathology is primarily concerned with disorders of verbal communications including expressive language (the production of effective communication) and receptive language (the understanding of presented communication). Speech results from voice production and manipulation of speech sounds creates language. Speech language pathology (SLP) master’s program vary in quality.

Knowledge of country’s highest rated schools is vital while deciding master’s program for speech language pathology. You should take into account experts’ assessments about programs and analytical indications about school staff, student body and curriculum. Here are some top universities which offer SLP Master Programs :


The University of Iowa is best graduate school for Master of Arts in Speech Languages Pathology. SLP Master Program provides general clinical training and offers practicum as well as edifying courses.

The University of Iowa
119 Speech & Hearing Center
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 335-8719


The school’s Speech-Language-Hearing Science Program announced in 2009. Its Speech-Language Pathology graduates got 100% pass rates on National Examination in SLP PRAXIS test, compared to 75% national average. La Salle also claims a 100% employment rate after student’s graduation. You can get admission information of SLP master program through.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison has master’s program in SLP that has an ASHA certificate of Clinical Competence. This program gives a course sequence to accepted students. They are advised to follow throughout their education at university. Below mentioned link helps you in getting admission details in SLP Master Program.