Tips to Become a Good Teacher

Teaching is a challenging profession. It can be an excellent career choice for those who have right personality. Teaching profession requires a desire to work with youth, a patient personality and a passion for an academic subject. The positive aspects of teaching range from practical to adventurous. Teaching will offer financial benefits as well as opportunities for personal growth and development. You can be one of the most remarkable teachers of all time without earning a special college degree. Anne Sullivan was a teacher who didn’t use speech to instruct her students, nor sight. Helen killer taught her students through touch. No kind of formal education can prepare teachers like Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller. Sullivan handled on the job challenges with her compassion, creativity and persistence.

Joseph Joubert said in 1842 that “Good teachers learn twice”. If you want to become a good teacher, here are some simple instructions to follow.


Either you are lecturing at a university or teaching jewelry classes at local craft store you need to learn your subject properly. This will require attaining one or more academic degrees. You should become expertly skilled at what you want to teach. Proper credential either in form of university degree or life experience is vital to become a good teacher.


You should have effective listening skills because good teachers listen at least as much as they talk. Good teachers have patience with students who have trouble in asking questions. Instead of becoming impatient with student’s awkwardness, give them feeling that they have all time in world to get their thoughts out. Students need time to process a question so instead of waiting two or three seconds, give at least 20 or 30 seconds before responding.


You should keep learning how to teach. Various people become teacher because of their passion that they love to teach. They want to talk about their subjects and sometimes they do this at the expense of their students. Good teachers are constantly assessing how well they are reaching their students. They ask for feedback, listen to it and then incorporate it into future teaching. In other words they are constantly learning to teach.


Good teacher should strive for continues improvement. They are constantly in search of effective teaching methods. Idea for writing a lesson plan and sticking to it semester after semester is anathema to them. Good teachers constantly revise and improve teaching techniques.


It is an effective trait to constantly check for students understanding. Teacher can do this by asking “Do you have any question?” You can also ask direct question about material you are teaching to check understanding of students. Try to get down to your student’s level of confusion and try to explain things from his/her points of difficulty. Don’t let the student fall and don’t assume that everyone gets your point.