Tips to Deal with Homesickness While Study Abroad

Homesickness is distress or impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from specific home environment or attachment objects. Feelings of longing are often accompanied by anxiety and depression. These symptoms might range from mild to severe. If you have planned to study abroad then you should prepare yourself for some feelings of homesickness. Regardless of how excited and prepared you are for your upcoming experience you are bound to miss home. Feelings of loneliness and sadness are not strange for students who study abroad. Don’t let these feelings to affect your future, you should be prepared to deal with these feelings. Here are some ways to deal with them:

  1. You should be prepared for homesickness to strike. Take some things on your trip as sweet memories of home. You can collect pictures of friends and family, some sort of favorite music or a favorite magazine. These things help you to provide feelings that you are close to home.
  2. You can build a network of friends and colleagues while studying abroad. This will help you to combat feelings of loneliness by spending time with others.
  3. You should stay busy. Immense yourself in your studies instead of idle activities. Try to participate in additional activities outside of class. Look for part time internship or job while you study abroad. It is hard to be homesick if you have a busy routine and no idle time to think about home.
  4. Talk with others about your feeling. Try to build friendships with other students who are studying abroad. They will be your best friends because there are great chances that they are also dealing with homesickness. Talk with in counselor about your homesickness if you need to. You will also check if your university or study abroad program offers counseling services.
  5. You should call home to talk to your parents and friends. You can also stay in touch with them by emailing them on regular basis. It is very important to stay connected to people you love any way you can.
  6. Have positive thoughts. Make a list of all rewarding and exciting experiences you have as you study abroad. Note that how these experiences have helped you to grow as a successful person. When you are feeling homesick, take out your list and read it to motivate yourself.