Factors Affecting Part Time University Students

Study and work at same time is a difficult task and require perfect time management skills to maintain a balance in both. Students who are attending university part time face various challenges and benefits that are different than full time students. Various students due to financial reasons enroll as part time students rather than full time. Various students working part time while they are attending school full time. This situation can create severe time shortage and students need highly developed time management skills in order to handle school and work. There are various issues faced by students while studying as part time university students:


The balance can be tricky on the whole for students who are working full time while they are enrolled in a university. Even when there is time to get all required classes, additional time is needed to complete assignments and research. If either work or study is extremely stressful for student, the quality of both research and assignment can suffer. These stresses increase drop rate among part time students as compared to other students. For a student who already has a job and not enough time to study, the persuasion to simply give up graduating can be great.


Several part time students are older and already have careers, marriages and children to deal with. Children demand lot of time and care. You cannot leave them in day care for prolonged periods of time because it will cause feelings of guilt and anxiety in parents who are spending their lot of time at work or at school. Partners also might feel neglected. If children are not in school then they are not experiencing same difficulties and cannot understand situation. It is not necessary that spouses are totally supportive. In a married or domestic situation occurrence of pregnancy also leads to a major interruption in academic progress.


Full time students can properly spotlight on studies and give their full time and energy to studies. Attending class for five days a week and working frequently on academic subjects puts a student into a particular frame of mind that is conducive to going well and completing university. If this schedule is broken up and mixed with work, family, children and other responsibilities, it can be more difficult to maintain energy and enthusiasm required to perform well academically. If students are working in their study fields then they face less difficulty with job because work and study tends to reinforce each other and progress along similar paths.